Project 52:39 | Learning Patience

sleeping in the car

Motherhood is... learning patience They say that having a baby slows you down but I really think that it's having a toddler that slows you down.  When Ke'alohi would stay in the car seat, stroller or shopping cart without any problems, I was able to move around at a relatively fast pace.  Now that she is a toddler and wants to walk and fights naps, things have slowed down drastically for us.  We take naps like this one in the car when we … [Read more...]

Project 52:38 | A Journey

A Journey

Motherhood is... a journey They say life is a journey and I truly believe that motherhood is the journey that defines your life's journey the most.  There are pivotal moments in everyone's life that you are instantly changed and your life starts to change it's path.  I believe that the single most defining change for me was having Ke'alohi.  I can't wait to see where she takes my journey. If you want to see more blogs also participating … [Read more...]

Beach Day with Some May Moms!

Mother's Beach

Who doesn't love going to the beach?  The only thing better than actually going to the beach was our company.  I am in a Facebook group with other moms that had their children in May 2011.  We call ourselves the "Awesome Mommies of May Babies 2011"  and the "May Momtourage."  I know, we are that cool.   Anyways, there are moms across the country, Canada and even the UK in this group.  There are a handful of us that are in Southern … [Read more...]

Project 52:37 | A Sisterhood

Jills Party

Motherhood is... a sisterhood When I became a mom, something changed in me that made other women with children "instant friends."  I was able to talk to strangers in Babies 'R' Us or Gymboree about their kids, their favorite baby products, pretty much anything and everything involving our kids.  There is a sisterhood between women with children that I didn't know about until I became one.  At times it even feels like a sorority of women like … [Read more...]

Santa Monica Pier with Uncle Nema and Auntie Liv

santa monica pier

Today we met up with Nema and Liv at the Santa Monica Pier.  We love coming here and walking down the pier, passing by vendors, fishermen and performers.  There were a ton of people out on the pier today, probably because it was such a gorgeous Southern California day.  One of the more "interesting" acts on the pier was two men that had a very large yellow snake, like the one Brittney Spears had, and was letting people take pictures with it. … [Read more...]

Project 52:36 | Starting Fresh

Malibu 2

Motherhood is... starting fresh If you can learn anything from nature, specifically the ocean, it's "everyday is a new day."  Sometimes when you have a hard day, it's easy to dwell on it and focus on that.  One great thing about this age for Ke'alohi is that she has a clean slate everyday and no two days are the same.  The waves coming in and going out on the shore remind me how the sand is "wiped clean" after each and every wave. If you … [Read more...]

Fifteen-Month Doctor’s Appointment

doctors 2

At this appointment with Dr. Ouchi, Ke’alohi weighed in at 26 pounds and 4 ounces, measured 31.5  inches long and her head circumference was 19 inches.  Ke’alohi is now in the 90th percentile for weight and in the 80th percentile for height.  She is right on track with her growth! Dr. Ouchi was very happy to hear that Ke'alohi is doing much better with the sippy cups and only really takes bottles before naps and bedtime.  She said that … [Read more...]