First Side Pony!

First Side Pony

I know this isn't a huge milestone but now that she is older, milestones are getting more and more spaced out.  Isn't she just the cutest thing alive with her side pony tail?  I just can't believe how old and beautiful she is in this picture! … [Read more...]

First Time in the Pool!


I'm not going to lie, I was scared to take Ke'alohi to the pool.  I was so worried that she wouldn't like it just as she hasn't liked the beach.  While we were at Kamauliola's birthday party, we decided to try the pool out and see if she liked it.  To our surprise, she loved the water and had a ball splashing the water with her feet and bouncing around in and out of the water. Doesn't her bikini look adorable? … [Read more...]

First Molar Broke Through!


It can't believe how fast Ke'alohi's teeth are coming in.  Right now she has four teeth on the top, three teeth (almost four) on the bottom and as of today she has her first molar that has broken through on the back right side!  She took it quite well and it even looks like one is coming in on the left side! There was no way that she was going to let me get a picture with her mouth open so we will have to settle for this picture of her and I at … [Read more...]

One Year Old!

one year

Where has the time gone and how is that that a year has already gone by since I first held you in my arms?  You are the most loving, independent and smart baby  I know.  Btw, I totally blew it and forgot to take a picture with her sign because of all the craziness with the party today! Ugh. Ten Facts about Ke'alohi at One Year: 1. Weighs 23 pounds and 15 ounces and measures 30.5 inches. 2. Walking everywhere and anywhere. 3. Hair is … [Read more...]

First Time Meeting Her Boyfriend!

Jacob and Ke'alohi

We were beyond excited that Jenn, Jon and Jacob were able to come down for Ke'alohi's 1st birthday picnic tomorrow.  We are so happy and lucky that we have been able to remain such great friends through college, wedding planning, marrage, pregnancy and our babies' first year.  Ke'alohi has been anxiously waiting to meet Jacob every since she saw her Auntie Jenn's tummy and got to hang out in Jacob's nursery last summer. We were able to spend … [Read more...]

First Time On Set!

On Set

You are all probably wondering what I mean by "on set."  It means Ke'alohi is going to be famous!  Hahaha, not really, or at least not yet.  One of Lucas' friends, Bennet Silverman, from Nice Piece Productions, was shooting a launch video for a new website/company and asked us if he could use Ke'alohi in the piece and we were beyond thrilled to help out.  You should really check out the video and he directed and co-wrote with John Gasienica, … [Read more...]

First Carousel Ride!


While we were on the Santa Monica pier, we were looking for a game or ride that Ke'alohi could do but she was much too small for everything.  On our way out we saw the carousel and went in to see if they had an age minimum.  Luckily they don't and we were not only able to take her on there, but she could ride one of the horse if I stood next to her holding on to her. She loved every second of it but I think our little "daredevil" wished she … [Read more...]