Project 52:42 | Thoughtful


Motherhood is... thoughtful Today was one of those days where you just wanted work to be over and you wanted to cuddle up in bed with your husband and little girl.  Just before I had given up on the day of my friends and coworkers came in my office with this and some ice cream.  Pam knows the key to my heart and is one of the most thoughtful friends I have come to know and love during the last couple years. If you want to see more blogs also … [Read more...]

Project 52:41 | Beautiful


Motherhood is... beautiful There are many things about Los Angeles that I take for granted and it's hidden beauty is one of them.  Even though I know that we will eventually move to Hawaii, Los Angeles will always hold a special place in my heart because it was where I fell in love with Lucas and where we started our family.  Sunsets like this remind me why it is beautiful even when you are stuck in traffic. If you want to see more blogs … [Read more...]

Project 52:40 | Defining


Motherhood is... defining Life is about defining yourself.  When you are in school you are a "student" and when you get married you become a "wife."  Becoming a mother is the single most defining thing I have done.  This is the church where Lucas and I got married and started our lives together, defining us as a family.  I love that Ke'alohi has gotten to see where it all started. If you want to see more blogs also participating in Project … [Read more...]

Project 52:39 | Learning Patience

sleeping in the car

Motherhood is... learning patience They say that having a baby slows you down but I really think that it's having a toddler that slows you down.  When Ke'alohi would stay in the car seat, stroller or shopping cart without any problems, I was able to move around at a relatively fast pace.  Now that she is a toddler and wants to walk and fights naps, things have slowed down drastically for us.  We take naps like this one in the car when we … [Read more...]

Project 52:38 | A Journey

A Journey

Motherhood is... a journey They say life is a journey and I truly believe that motherhood is the journey that defines your life's journey the most.  There are pivotal moments in everyone's life that you are instantly changed and your life starts to change it's path.  I believe that the single most defining change for me was having Ke'alohi.  I can't wait to see where she takes my journey. If you want to see more blogs also participating … [Read more...]

Project 52:37 | A Sisterhood

Jills Party

Motherhood is... a sisterhood When I became a mom, something changed in me that made other women with children "instant friends."  I was able to talk to strangers in Babies 'R' Us or Gymboree about their kids, their favorite baby products, pretty much anything and everything involving our kids.  There is a sisterhood between women with children that I didn't know about until I became one.  At times it even feels like a sorority of women like … [Read more...]

Project 52:36 | Starting Fresh

Malibu 2

Motherhood is... starting fresh If you can learn anything from nature, specifically the ocean, it's "everyday is a new day."  Sometimes when you have a hard day, it's easy to dwell on it and focus on that.  One great thing about this age for Ke'alohi is that she has a clean slate everyday and no two days are the same.  The waves coming in and going out on the shore remind me how the sand is "wiped clean" after each and every wave. If you … [Read more...]