Babymel Amanda Diaper Bag Review

amanda bag

When I was on my search (for the third time) for a diaper bag, I felt like I knew a lot more (or at least hoped so) of what I wanted in a diaper bag.  When I was pregnant, the only two diaper bags I looked at was the LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag and the Vera Bradley Baby Bag.  I wasn't thinking function, I was only looking at what was cute and the price.  In the end, I chose the Vera Bradley bag and was completely smitten... until our baby got … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapering | My Diaper System


My obsession of researching baby products finally met it's match when it came to choosing my cloth diapering system.  I will admit, I am extremely particular to the point were Lucas thinks says that I am borderline OCD.  My biggest thing is that things HAVE to match and if they can all be the same size or by the same brand, that's how I like it.  If I can match anything, especially with Ke'alohi's things, I try to.  We have all the same … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapering | Storing Clean and Dirty Diapers


Storing clean or dirty cloth diapers has never been easier.  For the clean diapers, we use Ke'alohi's top drawer to hold all the diapers.  We pre-stuff them with the inserts and also have the Bummis Bio-Soft liner already in them so that when we need to change Ke'alohi, it's as fast and as simple as if we were using disposable diapers.  When we are on the go out of the house I usually keep two (more if it is a longer trip) diapers in my diaper … [Read more...]

Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teething Toy Review

sophie giraffe

Ohh Sophie, how I love you.  One of my good friends, Caley, is an awesome nanny and told me about this teething toy and said that it was a "must have" item.  She even went as far to say that if a baby that she was caring for didn't have this teething toy, that she would go out and buy them one!  I immediately put the Vulli Sophie Giraffe on my registry and hoped and prayed that someone would get it for us.  Caley was nice enough to send us … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapering | What About the Poop?


"What about the poop?" was the first question out of my husband's mouth when I told him that I wanted to cloth diaper.  I have been an avid follower of Styleberry Blog and I quickly referenced her when I answered his question: Bummis Bio-Soft Liners.  These are a life saver and I'm sure they come straight from the cloth diapering gods above.  This product really does help the cloth diapering experience as a whole and I think they are one … [Read more...]

BOB Revolution SE Stroller Review

bob se plum

Now that you know the stroller I love and currently use, I wanted to talk about the stroller that it replaced, because I really did like it.  When we first started thinking about transitioning Ke'alohi from her car seat and snap 'n' go stroller option we didn't really know what we wanted.  We thought that there had to be one stroller out there that could "do it all."  What I realized quickly about having a baby is that there are so many … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapering | Types of Cloth Diapers Systems


Choosing your diaper system can be an overwhelming process.  There are so many diapers out there that all have their pros and cons that its difficult to know what system will be right for you and more importantly right for your baby.  These are the four main cloth diapering systems and a little breakdown about each one of them and an example or two of each type of diapering systems. All in One Diaper - This type of diaper is the easiest … [Read more...]