BOB Revolution SE Stroller Review

Now that you know the stroller I love and currently use, I wanted to talk about the stroller that it replaced, because I really did like it.  When we first started thinking about transitioning Ke’alohi from her car seat and snap ‘n’ go stroller option we didn’t really know what we wanted.  We thought that there had to be one stroller out there that could “do it all.”  What I realized quickly about having a baby is that there are so many options out there for parents because every parent and child have different needs.  We dabbled with the idea of getting a jogging stroller and a regular stroller but I was hesitant because we didn’t have the space to hold two strollers and I didn’t want to spend the money on two strollers.  That is when I found the BOB Revolution SE stroller.  It looked like it answered all our needs and would be the only stroller we would need, unless we wanted to get a cheap umbrella stroller for traveling when she was a lot bigger.

First, I will talk about what I liked about the stroller because this really is a great stroller, then I’ll touch on some of the negatives.  I loved the way it pushed when I took Ke’alohi out on long walks or for the occasional jog.  That is one thing that I will never fault the BOB on, its ride was great compared to anything we have used.  The large tires never deflated and were a sinch to get on and off for traveling and locking the front wheel took a matter of seconds.  What I didn’t love about the stroller was it’s weight and size; not only was a really big folded in my trunk, but it was also about 25 pounds and very difficult to get in and out of my car.  I also was not a fan that it was such a long stroller.  Because I am short, I could not reach over the stroller to open a door, I would have to walk around the stroller to open a door and pull it in or I would have to turn the stroller around and back it into a door way.  It wasn’t a huge deal but it was a pain for me.  I did not like the fact that it was on the wider side so it made shopping with it and maneuvering around the stands and shelves a bit of a game.

Since we used this stroller as also our everyday stroller for malls, grocery shopping and traveling, this was not the stroller for us.  If I could judge it on only its outdoor capabilities, then I would say that this is a phenomenal stroller and one of the best out there.  It was a great member of the family while it was with us and will be missed.  When we eventually have a house and a garage where we can have this stroller set up and ready for outdoor adventures, we will purchase it again.

P.S. – how small does Ke’alohi look in that picture??? Ahh, the time flies.



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