Bugaboo Bee Plus Review

Having a Bugaboo stroller was something that I always thought about and wanted but knew wasn’t realistic.  We just didn’t have the money to throw at a $700 stroller.  So I settled on a more rational stroller.  My “rational” stroller lasted six months before I finally gave up on it and realized that it just wasn’t for us and the lifestyle we lived.  Thankfully the stars aligned that week and Bugaboo had their annual sample sale and we were able to snag a Bugaboo Bee Plus for an AMAZING price.  I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t true love right off the bat; I loved the stroller but I wasn’t madly in love with it partially because I was still worried about the price tag and whether my love justified the price.  I will say that the longer I have had it, the more I have grown to love my stroller.

The Bugaboo Bee Plus is a great stroller for a modern mom that is compact and stylish.  It grows with babies from birth to toddler.  If you have an infant, you can get adapters for the stroller to snap in your car seat or get the “baby cocoon” for when they are not old enough to the use the seat.  Bugaboo is known for the great stroller and vibrant stroller canopy options, which I first attracted me to the stroller. What I love most about the stroller is that it is one of the most compact full size strollers; it has most of the features of a big stroller with a very small footprint.  For me, a one-piece fold was essential and the bee folds so small that we still have a ton of trunk space for numerous other things.  With our other stroller we didn’t have the option for Ke’alohi to face us and I really liked that with the bee we have that option and it literally took 2.9 seconds to switch the seat from front to back and vice versa.  The frame of the stroller is an aluminium frame with small swivel wheels that have independent suspension, making the ride for Ke’alohi pretty awesome.  I know she can’t tell us how great it is but I know I’d feel pretty happy riding in this thing!  Bugaboo offers a ton of great accessories for the bee like additional canopies in bright colors, parasols,  wheeled boards, seat liners, foot muffs, cup holders and a transport bag.

The only thing I wish we could change is buying it at the year before’s sale, that or having Ke’alohi a couple months later. The Bugaboo Bee Plus would have been great to have when we had our infant car seat and traveled so much the first six months of her life.  I love the stroller and I’m sure if you are looking for a modern, compact, sleek stroller from birth to toddler years, this is a great option!



  1. love your blog x

  2. Monica says:

    We have the cameleon & I love it!!

  3. Adam's mom says:

    Hi Mahina.. just wanted to ask if you have or had any problems with your bugaboo bee’s swivel wheels? I have been planning on getting one too but after seeing soo many people complain about having wheel problems.. i’m kind of thinking twice.

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