Babymel Amanda Diaper Bag Review

When I was on my search (for the third time) for a diaper bag, I felt like I knew a lot more (or at least hoped so) of what I wanted in a diaper bag.  When I was pregnant, the only two diaper bags I looked at was the LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag and the Vera Bradley Baby Bag.  I wasn’t thinking function, I was only looking at what was cute and the price.  In the end, I chose the Vera Bradley bag and was completely smitten… until our baby got here.  Once I had Ke’alohi and was using the bag everyday, I noticed how wrong I was to get that bag because it wasn’t functional for us.  We still use the bag as the daycare bag but it’s not our primary bag.  The second diaper bag I got was the Skip Hop Duo.  I absolutely love Skip Hop and all of their products and don’t regret getting this bag at all.  I primarily picked this bag because I knew it was a good company, it had the one thick shoulder strap that I wanted and it had stroller clips.  It was a great bag, a little small, but I liked it up until it ripped a couple months after we had it.

Lastly, comes my pride and joy, the Babymel Amanda diaper bag.  After my Skip Hop Duo ripped, I spent quite a long time deciding on the next diaper bag I wanted to get.  I was torn between the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack and the Babymel Amanda diaper bag.  In the end I chose the Babymel bag because it was bigger and the price was way cheaper.  The things I love about our diaper bag is that it is big and can carry all of the things we need in this transitional stage.  Ke’alohi still needs everything a baby needs like bottles, blankets, changes of clothes but we also have to carry things toddlers need like a sippy cup, toys and baby food.  This diaper bag is the perfect blend of fabric because it is “wipe-able” but at the same time its not cheap feeling.  Another must for me was the stroller clips, for me these clips are a must-have when you don’t want to keep your diaper bag in the basket and want it accessible when pushing your stroller.  One of my favorite things about this bag is the hidden insulated bottle pocket on the outside of the bag.  It is perfect for keeping bottles and sippy cups cool on warm days or warm on cool days.  The strap on the bag is easily adjustable for carrying the bag on your shoulder or extending it to wear the bag across your body.  My only complaint about the diaper bag is because it has so much room I stuff that thing to the brim with things I probably don’t need to carry with me.  Hahaha.

All in all, I LOVE the Babymel Amanda diaper bag and would get it again in a heartbeat.  I think it would be perfect from birth to about toddler time when you don’t need to carry as much.  Do you have the Babymel Amanda diaper bag or have a favorite diaper bag?



  1. Opa & Puna says:

    This is truly a great bag! It is easy to overpack but at least you will be ready for anything!

  2. C Tickle says:

    Great review! I had never heard of this bag until you reviewed it. We use the skip hop duo diaper bag and love it. I love all the pockets and the fact that my husband will carry it!

  3. Mama bear of 2 says:

    Wow this bag sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.. Does all the stuff in the picturedit in three?!

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