Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teething Toy Review

Ohh Sophie, how I love you.  One of my good friends, Caley, is an awesome nanny and told me about this teething toy and said that it was a “must have” item.  She even went as far to say that if a baby that she was caring for didn’t have this teething toy, that she would go out and buy them one!  I immediately put the Vulli Sophie Giraffe on my registry and hoped and prayed that someone would get it for us.  Caley was nice enough to send us this in a box a couple weeks before I delivered Ke’alohi and it has been been by our side ever since.

When my parents saw Ke’alohi with the toy they laughed because it looked like the little giraffe toy in the movie “Three Men and a Baby,” a favorite movie of my family.  Ke’alohi took to Sophie instantly and quickly became a part of our family, traveling with us to Missouri, Iowa and Hawaii so far.  The thing that I love about this toy is that it really does appeal to many of a baby’s senses.  First, the dark, contrasting spots catch your baby’s attention and stimulate your baby’s eye sight.  All the ridges on Sophie’s face and the legs are great for your baby to chew at and hold.  Sophie squeaks with little effort which babies young and old love.  The teething toy is made from natural rubber, not plastics, so its BPA- and phthalate-free; even the paint used for the spots and face is food-grade and non-toxic.  Sophie is easy to wash and clean which I love since now Ke’alohi likes to drop and throw her toys.

The only downfall to this toy is the $20 price tag but I promise you that it is worth it.  Your child will LOVE this toy and you will be so happy you got it.  Do you have Sophie and love it too?



  1. Opa & Puna says:

    We love that “Scooter!”

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