Solana Beach with the Sayin’s!

Today we headed down the Solana Beach to see Uncle Dan, Aunt Karen, the kids, and Lucas’ parents.  We hadn’t seen the dogs in two weeks and boy were we excited to play with them and get them back.  We are so lucky that Lucas’ parents love our dogs and always offer to watch them when we go out of town.  We decided instead of going out to Riverside to get the dogs back where it was crazy hot, we would all drive down to Solana Beach to hang out with the family and “make the transfer.”

While we were down there, we all decided to go to the beach, soak in the sun rays and play in the sand.  This is the first time that Ke’alohi has really shown interest in the sand and the waves and I couldn’t be happier.  She had a blast running up and down the shore with Aunt Karen and splashing in the water.  They had so much fun smiling and laughing together as the waves moved back and forth at the beach.  They were best friends by the time we left the beach.  Next time I will definitely bring her suit and an extra pair of clothes because she was covered in sand by the time we left.


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