Wearing Your Food is the “In” Thing

Ke’alohi is already making some fashion trends that are sure to show up in Milan in no time.  Her latest motto at dinner time is, “why eat your food, when you can wear it?”  She may be on to something but Lucas and I would like to keep the mess down to a minimum and this doesn’t help.

Isn’t she cute though?



  1. GMom says:

    Just like Uncle Will and the bowl of Noodle Soup!!!

  2. Opa & Puna says:

    I remember when you were about Ke’alohi’s age and we were making cookies. I turned around for a minute and you got into the flour. You poured it over your head and by the time I looked back, your entire face and shoulders were white (even your eye lashes) and I laughed when I saw the top of your head. There was a “peak” of flour balancing on your head!

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