Beach Day in Malibu

This morning we decided to head up PCH and spent the morning at the beach.  The three of us were in desperate need of a tan and a morning out in the sun seemed like the best solution to our white skin.  We found a great little beach just past one of our favorite restaurants, Duke’s.  The day was pretty perfect, sunny but not too hot and a nice breeze.  The first couple minutes for Ke’alohi took some getting used to but she started to warm up to the sand and the water after sitting with Lucas and watching the waves come in and go out.

Once she got comfortable with where we were she started really playing in the sand with a couple toys and proceeded to make a mess.  I know that’s what toddlers do, but I’m still getting used to laying out and then getting sand dumped on my back and in my hair.  Yes, I’m from Hawaii and no, I don’t like getting sand in my hair and swimsuit!  Next time we will pack our lunch and spend a longer time at the beach because she was having a blast and I was starting to get some color.



  1. Opa & Puna says:

    Love the swimsuit!!

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