First Time Trying to Feed Herself (With Daddy’s Help)!

Cottage Cheese

Sometimes, we just aren't quick enough for Ke'alohi and she has to take matters into her own hands.  Ke'alohi doesn't have the best patience and that gets exponentially worse when you are trying to feed her.  Therefore, today she decided that Lucas needed a little help feeding her at an appropriate pace.  She grabbed his index finger and would push it towards the bowl to get more food and then pull it towards her mouth to get the spoon in … [Read more...]

Eleven Months Old!


Knowing that May is just a couple days away and Ke'alohi is just a few weeks away from turning one has been eating away at me.  I miss my "little burrito" that would lay in my arms for hours and fall in and out of sleep in my lap! Ten Facts about Ke'alohi at Eleven Months: 1. Weighs 22 pounds and 14 ounces and measures 30.25 inches. 2. Has grown tired of her walker and has graduated to her push walker. 3. Favorite foods are string … [Read more...]

First Fever…


Now this post isn't about a good "first," hence no exclamation point.  When I picked Ke'alohi up from her daycare yesterday, they told me that she was pretty fussy that day and that they thought that she was warm.  Since she has been born, she has never had a fever, even when she had both upper respiratory infections and her ear infection.  The doctors we saw said that she might just be one of those babies that never get a fever.  Well when … [Read more...]

Ten Months Old!

10 Months

TEN MONTHS...  We are officially in double digits and I don't like it one bit.  I have actually thought about maybe just skipping this month-aversary altogether and then regrouping next month.  Hahaha. Seriously though. Ten Facts about Ke'alohi at Ten Months: 1. Weighs 22 pounds and 13 ounces and measures 29.5 inches. 2. Uses her walker like its a bumper car and loves ramming into walls (and our feet). 3. Sees everything and anything as … [Read more...]

First Time Rocking Shoes!

photo (4)

After we went to Gymboree today, we headed to the Citadel outlets to go shopping.  Puna totally spoiled Ke'alohi and got her a ton of cute clothes and socks at Carters.  The daycare had asked us to get Ke'alohi shoes because she is using her walker alot and is in the "pre-walking" stage.  We want her to get used to wearing shoes because we don't want her to get too used to being barefoot all the time or only used to wearing socks.  We were … [Read more...]

First Time Waving!


The daycare told us this week that Ke'alohi is just starting to wave but it is not usually on command.  She just aimlessly moves her arm around in a waving motion but her hand flops over at her wrist.  It is quite funny and cute.  This weekend we have been working with Ke'alohi to try to wave at people when they say hi but her first time doing it on command with us was this afternoon.  Ke'alohi loves watching the washing machine spin when a … [Read more...]

Nine Months Old!


Nine months was how long I had Ke'alohi in my tummy and now it is how long she has been with us.  I remember thinking how fast my pregnancy had gone by, but since having her I swear time has been going by even faster.  If anyone knows a way to slow down time, please let me know. Ten Facts about Ke'alohi at Nine Months: 1. Weighs 21 pounds and 10 ounces and measures 28.5 inches. 2. Now has four teeth to chop on food (and our … [Read more...]