Project 52:35 | Discovery


Motherhood is... discovery Everyday I learn something new about being a mom and about Ke'alohi.  She is at this great age now where everything interests her.  Her brain is literally a sponge right now soaking up new things and experiences.  This past week, she discovered that she loved the sand and the texture of it in her hands and between her toes with Aunt Karen. If you want to see more blogs also participating in Project 52 check … [Read more...]

Project 52:34 | Reflection


Motherhood is... reflection Motherhood is full of reflections.  You see yourself and your partner in your child and you see your parents in yourself.  Being in Washington D.C. this past week was a huge eye-opener in terms of the history of our country in the museums, monuments and memorials and the future of our country in my brother's military service and the possibilities for what Ke'alohi will do with her life.  I can't wait to see what … [Read more...]

Project 52:33 | A Commitment


Motherhood is... a commitment There is nothing else in this world that takes more commitment than being a parent.  You are "on call" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for the rest of their life.  This week, I got to witness what might be the second biggest commitment you can make; my brother graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy.  The last four years have been long, hard and tough and it's only the beginning of his life and … [Read more...]

Project 52:32 | Long


Motherhood is... long Some days are longer than others and some weeks are longer than others; this week was one of those.  Lucas was out again all week on a business trip leaving Mommy to take care of our circus of one toddler and two dogs.  We are all very happy that Daddy is back and even more happy that he is her this weekend to help with Ke'alohi's haircut to trim those bangs. If you want to see more blogs also participating in Project … [Read more...]

Project 52:31 | Taking the Reins


Motherhood is... taking the reins Sometimes when you are a mom you have to "take the reins" and "grab the bull by it's horns."  Ke'alohi has just discovered Harley's leash and is now obsessed with "walking" her when Lucas and I take her outside with the dogs.  Ke'alohi and Harley are becoming pretty close recently and are almost best buds as you can see in this picture. If you want to see more blogs also participating in Project 52 check … [Read more...]

Project 52:30 | Needing a Helping Hand

helping hand

Motherhood is... needing a helping hand Ke'alohi is just getting to the age where she wants to be independent but at the same time needs to know that we are right there next to her just in case she needs us to grab her hand.  She is not a fan of falling (who is?) and is really loving this "exploration" stage of her toddlerhood. If you want to see more blogs also participating in Project 52 check out Aubrey My Love, Blossoms and … [Read more...]

Project 52:29 | Better Together


Motherhood is... better together Right now I have Jack Johnson's song Better Together with the lines "it's always better when we're together" ringing in my head because motherhood is just that; better together.  If I could say only one thing that I have learned after this week with Lucas gone is that he does way more that I give him credit for and I couldn't imagine doing this without him.  I love and appreciate him more than he knows now. … [Read more...]