First Time in the Pool!


I'm not going to lie, I was scared to take Ke'alohi to the pool.  I was so worried that she wouldn't like it just as she hasn't liked the beach.  While we were at Kamauliola's birthday party, we decided to try the pool out and see if she liked it.  To our surprise, she loved the water and had a ball splashing the water with her feet and bouncing around in and out of the water. Doesn't her bikini look adorable? … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapering | What About the Poop?


"What about the poop?" was the first question out of my husband's mouth when I told him that I wanted to cloth diaper.  I have been an avid follower of Styleberry Blog and I quickly referenced her when I answered his question: Bummis Bio-Soft Liners.  These are a life saver and I'm sure they come straight from the cloth diapering gods above.  This product really does help the cloth diapering experience as a whole and I think they are one … [Read more...]

BOB Revolution SE Stroller Review

bob se plum

Now that you know the stroller I love and currently use, I wanted to talk about the stroller that it replaced, because I really did like it.  When we first started thinking about transitioning Ke'alohi from her car seat and snap 'n' go stroller option we didn't really know what we wanted.  We thought that there had to be one stroller out there that could "do it all."  What I realized quickly about having a baby is that there are so many … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapering | Types of Cloth Diapers Systems


Choosing your diaper system can be an overwhelming process.  There are so many diapers out there that all have their pros and cons that its difficult to know what system will be right for you and more importantly right for your baby.  These are the four main cloth diapering systems and a little breakdown about each one of them and an example or two of each type of diapering systems. All in One Diaper - This type of diaper is the easiest … [Read more...]

Aden + Anais Sleeping Bags Review

sleeping bag

I can't say anything negative about Aden + Anais, I absolutely love them.  Plain and simple, they make some of the best products in "baby land."  Once we got hooked on the blankets from swaddling Ke'alohi the first couple months of her life, she started wiggling out of the swaddles.  To our excitement, there was a great alternative to swaddling without Lucas and I having to leave a blanket in the crib, the Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag. Even … [Read more...]

Bugaboo Bee Plus Review


Having a Bugaboo stroller was something that I always thought about and wanted but knew wasn't realistic.  We just didn't have the money to throw at a $700 stroller.  So I settled on a more rational stroller.  My "rational" stroller lasted six months before I finally gave up on it and realized that it just wasn't for us and the lifestyle we lived.  Thankfully the stars aligned that week and Bugaboo had their annual sample sale and we were … [Read more...]

First Molar Broke Through!


It can't believe how fast Ke'alohi's teeth are coming in.  Right now she has four teeth on the top, three teeth (almost four) on the bottom and as of today she has her first molar that has broken through on the back right side!  She took it quite well and it even looks like one is coming in on the left side! There was no way that she was going to let me get a picture with her mouth open so we will have to settle for this picture of her and I at … [Read more...]