Beach Day in Malibu

Malibu 3

This morning we decided to head up PCH and spent the morning at the beach.  The three of us were in desperate need of a tan and a morning out in the sun seemed like the best solution to our white skin.  We found a great little beach just past one of our favorite restaurants, Duke's.  The day was pretty perfect, sunny but not too hot and a nice breeze.  The first couple minutes for Ke'alohi took some getting used to but she started to warm … [Read more...]

Project 52:35 | Discovery


Motherhood is... discovery Everyday I learn something new about being a mom and about Ke'alohi.  She is at this great age now where everything interests her.  Her brain is literally a sponge right now soaking up new things and experiences.  This past week, she discovered that she loved the sand and the texture of it in her hands and between her toes with Aunt Karen. If you want to see more blogs also participating in Project 52 check … [Read more...]

Wearing Your Food is the “In” Thing

wearing your food

Ke'alohi is already making some fashion trends that are sure to show up in Milan in no time.  Her latest motto at dinner time is, "why eat your food, when you can wear it?"  She may be on to something but Lucas and I would like to keep the mess down to a minimum and this doesn't help. Isn't she cute though? … [Read more...]

Solana Beach with the Sayin’s!

Solana Beach 3

Today we headed down the Solana Beach to see Uncle Dan, Aunt Karen, the kids, and Lucas' parents.  We hadn't seen the dogs in two weeks and boy were we excited to play with them and get them back.  We are so lucky that Lucas' parents love our dogs and always offer to watch them when we go out of town.  We decided instead of going out to Riverside to get the dogs back where it was crazy hot, we would all drive down to Solana Beach to hang out … [Read more...]

Project 52:34 | Reflection


Motherhood is... reflection Motherhood is full of reflections.  You see yourself and your partner in your child and you see your parents in yourself.  Being in Washington D.C. this past week was a huge eye-opener in terms of the history of our country in the museums, monuments and memorials and the future of our country in my brother's military service and the possibilities for what Ke'alohi will do with her life.  I can't wait to see what … [Read more...]

The Flight Back from Washington D.C.

flight back

This beautiful, peaceful and almost angelic face is deceiving you.  Add horns and some tears and that is how most of our flight when on the way back from Washington D.C.  I don't know if it was the pressure, timing of the flight or just her in general but we had another bad flight.  We are starting to think that we have to work around her nap time better in hopes of traveling with a "happy" toddler and we need an iPad to keep her entertained … [Read more...]

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Printing 1

Who doesn't like money?  Fairly close to the Washington Monument is The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, where you can see how money was made and how it is made today.  Unfortunately, we couldn't take  a tour to see the current money being made, but we were able to see the old machines and how money was made "back in the day."  It was so cool seeing how big the old printing presses were and how time consuming it actually was to make … [Read more...]